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What is OMEP-USA? One of more than 70 national committees, or chapters, in World OMEP, a non-profit child advocacy organization, associated with the United Nations, UNICEF, UNESCO, the World Health Organization, and others working for healthy, peaceful, equitable, sustainable, and just environments for the world’s children… today and in the future.

Who are we? College professors, preschool teachers, primary-grade teachers, school administrators, social workers, psychologists, doctors, nurses, policy makers, administrators, journalists, physical therapists, librarians, lawyers, policymakers, college students, volunteers, parents, grandparents, advocates, and activists, …

What do members of OMEP-USA do?

Each in our own way, we are child and family advocates and activists who…
  • Work locally, nationally and internationally to promote the health, development, rights, and education of the world’s children and families.
  • Do what we are already doing for children… and then just a little bit more…
  • Advocate for high quality early education for all children everywhere.
  • Educate ourselves and others about important issues relating to children, families, and early education.

  • Develop activities for children and teachers as part of World OMEP’s Education for Sustainable Development focus.

  • Support World OMEP and OMEP-USA projects

  • Join with OMEP members around the world to celebrate:
    UN International Peace Day (September 21)
    Global Handwashing Day (October 15)
    Universal Children’s Day (November 20)

    UN International Peace Day (September 21)
    Global Handwashing Day (October 15)
    Universal Children’s Day (November 20)

  • Activities, large and small, such as continuing to work on rebuilding projects in New Orleans and in Indonesia after the tsunami, providing childcare in Georgia after recent floods, or knitting caps for newborns in Malawi and chemo caps for hospitalized children in the U.S.

  • Encourage scientific research to improve children’s lives and promote human understanding.
  • Join OMEP members in more than 70 countries working toward these shared goals.
  • Speak up for young children whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

Member Stories: Doing What We Already Do … and Just a Little More: In the U.S., we have a growing number of individual members, as well as informal group members and student group members. Each in our own way, we are child advocates and activists. We ask individuals and groups to share information about what they are doing. CLICK HERE for a sample of our members’ contributions to children, their families and the institutions that serve them.


1. Collaborating with UNICEF in the development of OMEP's WAter, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) initiatives in early childhood settings in the developing world.

2. In collaboration with UNICEF, completing a publication of WASH from the START: Soap Stories and Toilet Tales from Early Childhood Settings around the World. To see previous versions about older children in school settings, please visit and

3. Participating in World OMEP's Haiti Earthquake Relief and Japan Earthquake Relief Projects

4. Supporting a preschool in Jamaica — OMEP-USA has sent books and school materials

5. Contributing to a professional library for a new early childhood program at MICO University in Jamaica — OMEP-USA members have sent child development texts and other professional books

6. Collecting books and school supplies for early childhood programs in Liberia — OMEP-USA members have created and sent journals, school supplies, and children's books

7. Creating journal books for children in various parts of the world. -- OMEP -- USA members have created books, donated by Lakeshore, and distributed them in Belize, Jamaica, Liberia and the USA

8. Sponsoring an annual Volunteer Service Day for children in a selected city in the US (New Orleans in 2011; Washington, DC in 2012)

9. Working with the Campaign for the Ratification of the Convention the Rights of the Child and other organizations toward the goal of ratification in the US Senate.

10. Developing information and activities relating to World OMEP’s Education for Sustainable Development focus.


OMEP members around the world are communicating with local, regional, national and international policy makers to promote early childhood development as a high priority for the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will guide government policies and spending around the world from 2015 – 2030. For information, contact Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson, President of World OMEP at [email protected] or Judith Wagner, Deputy President of World OMEP at [email protected].

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