About INdT

INdT, Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia or Nokia Technology Institute is an independent and non-profit organization aimed on research and development of mobile communication technologies. Despite bearing the name of its corporate founder, the Institute is an independent research center. With three operating centers in Brazil (Brasilia, Manaus and Recife), INdT counts on a group of approximately 150 professionals and works to become a world-wide recognized competence center.

INdT holds partnerships with Universities and other Research Centers aimed on fostering digital convergence and technological innovation, as well as organizational and community integration.

Activities in Open Source are performed by a high-qualified team of researchers divided in two facilities: INdT Open Source Mobile Research Center (OSMRC) Lab in INdT Manaus and a newly established Open Source Mobile Technology Center (OSMTC), in Recife, Pernambuco.

More information at http://www.indt.org.br